“Ticket to Paradise” reunites George Clooney and Julia Roberts

George Clooney and Julia Roberts are collaborating yet again! In the upcoming romantic comedy "Ticket to Paradise," which features the A-list actors and actresses, their reunion isn't a joyous one. Fans got their first peek at Julia and George on Wednesday. They play a divorced couple who reunite for a trip to Bali in an effort to prevent their infatuated daughter from making the same error they believe they did 25 years earlier.

Although we haven't seen George Clooney and Julia Roberts on film together in a long, they still have it.

The co-stars of "Ocean's Eleven" are back in a romantic comedy, each of which hasn't acted in one in a while.
The two actors play former spouses who work together in "Ticket to Paradise" to attempt and prevent their daughter (Kaitlyn Dever) from getting married in Bali to a man she's just met.
When Roberts' character appears in the trailer to sit next to Clooney on a flight, he exclaims in character, "Worst 19 years of my life."
She chuckles, "We were only married for five."
He answers, "I'm counting the recovery."

Roberts basically revealed to the New York Times Magazine that "people sometimes misconstrue the length of time that's passed that I haven't done a romantic comedy as me not wanting to do one."
"If I had read something that I considered to be of the caustic humour or writing quality of "My Best Friend's Wedding" or "Notting Hill," I would have done it. They didn't exist prior to the film I recently worked on, Ticket to Paradise, which was written and directed by Ol Parker. Read More.

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